“The River State” Showcases Alabama’s Waterways

The Alabama Scenic River Trail (ASRT) organization is releasing “The River State,” an immersive video that unveils the breathtaking beauty of Alabama’s waterways. Showcasing the work of the Alabama Scenic River Trail, the film aims to reveal the significance of Alabama’s waterways within the state’s recreational communities and economies.

ASRT hopes the video will ignite a sense of adventure and respect for paddling opportunities across the state. Executive Director Andrew Szymanski expressed his excitement, “Through The River State, we aim to invite all people to experience the thrill of paddling in our rivers and streams. We want to raise awareness for natural resources and boost tourism on the thousands of miles of water waiting to be explored.”

ASRT Board President Sam Howell shared his thoughts, stating, “Alabama is known as The River State and is depicted as such on the Alabama State Seal. This video emphasizes the inherent beauty of our river systems through its captivating visuals and heartfelt testimonials. We invite viewers to make the time to explore Alabama’s waters and foster a need to cherish and protect our natural wonders. I hope this ASRT video encourages you to plan an exciting and safe boating adventure soon.”

To watch “The River State,” please visit the Alabama Scenic River Trail’s YouTube page.