WNRA Anniversary Broadcast

WNRA celebrates 90 years of Muscle Shoals radio with a special broadcast on November 11, 2023.  Originally signing on the air on November 11, 1933 on the AM dial, the station spawned an FM station in 2007.  After going off the air in 2010, the current owners applied to bring the station back as a noncommercial FM station which premiered in 2015.

The station unveiled photos of its historic museum studios, which feature most of the station’s original equipment from 1933 to the 1950’s.  Playing a Real Country format featuring records from the past 100 years of Country music, the station plays many records originally heard in the 1930’s on the weekly Saturday show “The Wheeler Mountain Jamboree.”

Find out more about WNRA at wnraradio.com and stay tuned!