WNRA in Shoals Labor Day Parade

The Shoals Area Central Labor Council is hosting their 104th annual Labor Day Celebration in Tuscumbia today, the longest-running Labor Day event in the country. Founded in 1919, the celebration pays tribute to the American worker and brings together labor unions and civic groups from across the Shoals.  The celebration is ongoing in Spring Park with live music, public speakers, and other activities throughout the day.

Local noncommercial radio station WNRA was part of this year’s parade, 90 years to the day after the call letters were announced in the 1933 event. The WNRA call letters pay tribute to the new National Recovery Administration, one of President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal programs designed to bring the country out of the Great Depression. Real Country 94.5 FM regained the historic call letters last year and is pleased to feature them again in this year’s parade.